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Montezuma, Virginia

Visiting Montezuma Hall polling place.

"Montezuma Hall - The Montezuma Hall was originally the Franklin Church, a part of the Beaver Creek Congregation. It was established in 1888 on the Honey Run Road. Due to diminishing attendance, the church was closed in 1926. The church was moved to the present location at that time. It took three days to pull the building to Montezuma by two oil pull tractors.

This building has hosted chicken B-B-Q's, oyster suppers, church Christmas auctions, apple butter boilings, Youth Club, Ruritan Club meetings, family reunions, and many other activities.

The building was owned and maintained by the Montezuma Women's Fellowship until September 6, 1988 when the building and grounds were deeded over to Montezuma Church of the Brethren."

I am looking forward to meeting residents of Montezuma and participating in as many community events as I am able. I couldn't resist the photo op with the entrance bearing my name.

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