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I'm Jennifer Kitchen

I’ve lived in rural Virginia my whole life, and I'm running for office because I want to see my neighbors thrive. I know these people because I'm one of them. I know these communities because I've always lived in them. And it's time our voices -- all of our voices -- are heard.


We have lots of wealthy and connected folks representing us in government. What we don't have enough of is working, ordinary people who understand our everyday problems.


I'm not wealthy or connected. I can represent working, ordinary Virginians because that is exactly who I am.

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My life is rooted in community

I was born and raised in Augusta County, and I have a deep love and appreciation for rural Virginia. I grew up on farms and my parents worked in factories.

I'm so devoted to our home that I've spent my career as a community organizer, working to find help for people and organizations who need it.

As a mother, I'm just trying to make the world a better place for my children than I found it. 


Rural Virginia can't wait

The House of Delegates doesn't have members who have suffered from the lack of services in our rural counties, or who have faced the challenges of working in a modern rural economy. I'm running because I live these experiences every day, and I will fight to make them better.

We look out for each other here. We just need our legislature to put a little effort into looking out for us, too.

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